Spring Grants 2014:

  • Morse Street School:

              - Visiting artist:  Writing with Ted DeMille

  • Mast Landing School:

              - Bully Prevention Speaker

              - FUNds for Bridges

              - Family Engineering Night Pilot

  • Pownal Elementary School:

              - Playground Building Project

  • Durham Community School:

              - Garden Project

              - Integrating Literacy & Technology

  • Freeport Middle School:

              - Reducing School Food Waste project

              - Salsa Garden

              - Freeport Youth Ink - Creative Writing

  • Freeport High School: 

              - Model Sailboat Building



Thank you to all of the amazing RSU5 teachers and staff members who applied for mini grant funding in 2019!  We received an exceptional group of applications and we feel very fortunate to have been able to help support so many of the wonderfully innovative grant ideas which were submitted.   

  • Freeport Middle School:

         - ​Whiteboards for Mathematical Collaboration

         - Fusing Fractured Glass
         - FMS Flex Wellness Program 

         - Telling Room

         - Building Life Skills through Technology 
         - End of Year STEM

  • Durham Community School:

        - Studying Social Issues Through Poetic Verse Novels

        - Programming Outside the Box
        - DCS School Garden Expansion

        - Seating Options

        - KinderKonzerts and Youth Concert 

  • Freeport Highschool:

        - ​Live Streaming Events
        - New Rep Theater 
        - Peace Garden 

  • Mast Landing School:

       - Bouncy Bands for Student Chairs

Spring Grants 2015:

  • Multiple Schools - MSS, MLS & PES:              

           Multi-curriculum - music/dance/PE)

           "We've Got Rhythm"                      

  • Pownal Elementary School:                                            Library Audio Book program

  • Mast Landing School:

              - STEM materials for 5th grade teachers        

              - Cyber-bullying Curriculum

              - Active Seating Alternatives Pilot

  • Durham Community School: 

              - Musical Instruments for All

              - Library - Listening for Lifetime learning

              - Class of 2019 student event

  • Freeport Middle School:  

              - Ancient Egypt project supplies


​​​​​​The FPaD EF is focused on advancing academic excellence in the RSU5 schools.  We do this by making grants to teachers and student led groups, in support of innovative and worthwhile projects which fall outside the regular annual school budget.  

In addition to our annual grant-making program, we also help facilitate the delivery of targeted gifts made by donors for specific school sponsored projects.  Some examples of these targeted donations include support for the Mast Landing School Playground Project and Freeport High School's Renovation Project, funding to support innovative classroom use of new technologies, and support for teachers' professional development travel related expenses.

Since 2014, as a result of generous community support, we have made over 50 project grants

representing nearly $60,000 in support for the RSU5 schools!!


 Spring Grants 2017: 

  • Morse Street  School :  

              - Outdoor Learning - Music and Art Station

  • Mast Landing School

              - Ukulele Pilot Program

              - STEAM Legabits

              - Summer Book Program
              - Aquaponics Pilot
              - MSBA Author Visit
              - E-Readers
              - Responsive Classroom Seating Options

  • Pownal Elementary School

              - Experiential Learning Unit 

  • Durham Community School:   

             - Mock Newbery Book Club

  • Freeport Middle School

              - Math I-pads



 Spring Grants 2016: 

  • Morse Street  School :  

              - Natural Playground Design Concept

  • Mast Landing School

              - Kindle Readers                                            

              - 5th Grade Multimedia Equipment

              - Active Seating Alternatives - Part II

  • Pownal Elementary School

              - Designated School Funding

  • Durham Community School:   

             - Art Sketch Book Pilot Program

             - Marine Science  Guest Presentation

             - Science Probs for 7th & 8th Grade I-pads

  • Freeport Middle School

              - Functional Life Program - Garden Project

  • Freeport High School

              - Science Department - Vernier Sensors

​​​​​​​​Spring Grants 2018:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with Maple Planks - Pownal Elementary School and Morse Street School

  • Bringing Robotics to STEM - Mast Landing School

  • Graphing Calculators - Freeport High School

  • VEX/Student Robotics Team - Freeport High School

  • Students on a Challenger Mission - Pownal Elementary

  • ​Zen Wellness Room - Freeport High School